Pokemon Go Map for Gyms and PokeStops

About MAPokemon

I created mapokeon.com as I found a real lack of quality information within the Pokemon GO community for locations of gyms and pokestops, everyone seems to be focusing on potential Pokemon spawns, which have proven to be not very accurate.

MAPokemon is community driven, think of it like Wikipedia, anyone can add a point and everyone can up/down vote that point too.

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v0.7 - Added autolocate based on geolocation - and ajax loading of markers as site was getting too slow loading every single location!
v0.6 - Site is now protected with SSL(HTTPS)
v0.5.5 - Domains are disallowed from location names, bug fixes and more.
v0.5.2 - Simple verification checking for lat/lng on server side
v0.5.1 - Added basic filtering so that markers for the most part can't be placed on the sea
v0.5 - Marker system is now a nice drag and drop for pokestops/gyms
v0.4 - added community ability to up/down vote locations of gyms and pokestops via the marker popup
v0.33 - results from DB are now cached every 2 seconds to help with load on the DB
v0.3 - design tidy up
v0.28 - security to prevent injection
v0.25 - added AJAX ability for community to add points
v0.2 - imported external data references
v0.1 - initial release

To Do:

User Login Systems (Gamifciation, achievements for adding points and helping to administrate)
CDN for DB and files (potential)

If you have any thoughts/opinions or want to help out, chat to me on twitter: @MrWigster